All-Purpose Adhesive

All-Purpose Adhesive 300ml

Names:All purpose Adhesive Neoprene

Color:Amber thick liquid


Color:Amber thick liquid


Curing Time:5-25minutes

Shelf Life:18 months

  • Product Detail

Neoprene contact adhesive is a benzene-free adhesive.It is made of premium neoprene .widely in packaging, carpentry, home decoration, decoration, etc.It has good adhesion to carpet, plastic laminate, wood, man-made panels, polyester plywood, bamboo panels, rubber, leather, cork, parpboard, and metals

Characteristics of the product:

In the case of-22-25℃, not freezing, small odor,easy use, strong adhesion force, fast dry saving time, no benzene toxicity, flame retardant;


Store in original unopened containers between 8 to 35°C.Reseal immediately once used.

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