SBS Contact Adhesive

SBS Contact Adhesive 3kg


Yellow clear viscous liquid without mechanical impurity

Initial Viscidity


Shear Strength



Low (70-120cps)


0.8-0.93 kg/L

Small amount of product can spread to large area.

Solid Content


Tack Time

Around 15 minutes to 6 hours

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Supply Ability
Supply Ability
700 Ton/Tons per Day contact adhesive spray for rubber in Amazon

1. Description: SBS-999 is a benzene-free and environmental friendly contact adhesive. It is mainly made from SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) which has good transparency and shows strong initial viscidity.

2.Application: SBS adhesive 999 is widely used in building, packaging, woodworking, family decoration, etc. It is specially designed for bonding alumium-plastic board, fire-proof plywood, three-plywood, log, wood, leather, foam, etc.


1. Super strong initial viscidity.
2. Cost-effective, small amount for large area.
3. High solid content.
4. Environmental friendly, index surpasses National Standard.
5. Good transparency and pleasant smell.

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