Oil PU glue 15kg

Main ingredients: PU resin
Appearance: colorless transparent mucus
Viscosity: 1600 ± 200mpa.s(23 ± 2℃)
Features and uses: invariable yellow type, strong initial viscosity, good heat resistance, good drawing resistance, moderate viscosity maintenance time, suitable for manual and assembly line operation.
  • Product Detail
1. PU adhesive has a short viscosity maintaining time, so it must be pressed while it is hot.
2. Solvent based PU glue can be diluted with cqs958 of our company.
3. During on-site operation, it is necessary to prevent the coating from being cold and directly blown by wet wind.
4. Before using PU glue, add 3-5% curing agent, stir evenly and use it. It's better to use it up within 3 hours.
5. White materials need to choose non yellowing PU glue, with non yellowing curing agent.
6. Keep away from fire source during use, storage and transportation.
7. If this product is in contact with skin, please clean it in time.

[special statement]
The company strictly implements ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 international environmental certification system to provide customers with high quality and qualified products. Please read the instructions carefully before using. The company shall not be responsible for the quality problems and joint losses caused by incorrect construction.

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