SBS ContactAdhesive

Characteristics of the product:

Eco-friendly products, its adhesive film has the ideal cohesion and flexibility.It has good characteristics of primary adhesion, fast curing speed, good aging resistance, smooth construction coating and undrawing.It also in cold resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and other aspects of excellent performance

Use precautions:

1. Surface treatment: Clean the surface of the adhesive surface, remove the surface dirt, do not contain oil pollution and moisture, and keep it dry after waxing (the relative air humidity is less than 80%).

   2. Apply: Apply evenly and thin on the adhesive surface with brush or scraper, and the film finger dry (about 10-15 minutes).

   3. Press: align the adhesive surface at one time, the connection shall be squeezed from inside to outside, and compacted with rubber hammer or wood hammer to exclude bubbles.The greater the pressure applied and the more uniform, the higher the bonding strength. and it can be used after 24 hours.


1. This product is a flammable product, and should be ventilated and fire-proof when in use.

2. This product should not be used in direct sunlight and temperature exceeding 60℃.

3. It must be placed outside the reach of the children.

4. Seal the tank lid after use and store it in a cool and dry place.

Scope of product application

It is suitable for splint, fire board, aluminum and plastic board, platform board, density board, medium fiber board and other bedroom decoration, car decoration and art advertising industry.Suitable for glass, ceramics, metal, leather, shoes, luggage bonding.Suitable for plastic flowers, crafts, toys, lighting, electrical appliances, electronics industry, sports equipment, etc.

quality assurance :

Transparent waterproof, green environmental protection, fully automatic assembly line, engineer quality test, stability test, viscosity test,  check at each level.

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