Oil PU glue

This glue is the first choice of shoe glue.With strong viscosity, it is very suitable for shoe glue. Only sticking the sole can achieve the best effect. The requirements of adhesion is not very high, if it is not bonding the sole.Other glue can be available because PU glue is too luxurious and with highly technical requirements.

Use precautions:

Clean and polish the contact surface that needs to be adhered, choose the corresponding treatment agent according to different materials to apply evenly, apply glue on both sides and wait for completely dry, and then use oven or hot fan and other tools  blow fast with high temperature, to compact with pressing machine or cloth strip and wrapped, then static for 24 hours.


Store in original unopened containers between 8℃-30℃ Reseal immediately once used. Preserve and transport as flammable product.

quality assurance :

uTransparent waterproof, green environmental protection, fully automatic assembly line, engineer quality test, stability test, viscosity test,  check at each level.

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