Spray Adhesive

Scope of product application:

  Used in fiber and clothing, sofa sponge, instant cotton, cloth, paper, board, mattress, rotating chairs, screen, soft bag, hard bag, bags, toys, carpets, color steel plate, sound insulation engineering and other industries.

Characteristics of the product:

(1) Strong initial viscosity, fast speed, convenient use and improve work efficiency;

(2) The spraying surface is larger, which is generally 12 ㎡/kg;

(3) Impermeable pressure-sensitive adhesive, with a long adhesive duration;

(4) The adhesive can be easily removed and repositioned and pasted;

(5) The spray particles are fine and transparent, and will not spot, shrink and penetrate to most materials.

(6) Small smell, uniform spraying, save the amount of glue, aging resistance, high solid content.

usage method:

   Spray workshop to keep good ventilation, spraying gun should keep 45 degrees Angle, distance about 50 cm, uniform movement, no glue, no glue, can spray about 12 square meters per kg, glue layer is not too thin and not too thick, glue adhesion time is very important, affected by the local temperature, humidity, ventilation, material, flexible grasp the time according to the finger dry.Not too early or late; clean the gun when not in use

quality assurance :

Transparent waterproof, green environmental protection, fully automatic assembly line, engineer quality test, stability test, viscosity test, check at each level.


uStore in original unopened containers between 8 to 35°C.Reseal immediately once used.

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